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Bat Cave

Continure your Halong trip to Bat Cave by a bamboo boat or kayak. It is sure that you will be surprised by the mysterious beauty of nature here. Over eons of time and weather, cracks and fissures in the limestone were slowly eroded to form a smooth, low, karstic cave. Intrepid kayakers can paddle under this feature of natural bridge construction at low tide.



Viet Hai Village

Viet Hai is a small village in the midst of jungles, covered by high mountains range of the Cat Ba National Park, which belongs to Cat Hai district of Hai Phong city. Among Halong Bay attractions, Viet Hai village is very seldom visited by Vietnamese tourists, but it has been becoming a popular attraction to the foreign tourists.


Few years ago, Viet Hai was absolutely separated with the outside world. The local residents lived their self supply life as the primitive human of thousand years ago. Because of this cultural practice, foreign visitors to this village increase gradually. In recent years, together with the recognition of Cat Ba Archipelago as the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, thousands tourists have trekked through the mountains, jungles, springs to visit this unique attraction. They are interested in this wild area in the midst of the Biosphere Reserve, the Cat Ba National Park.

With the support of agencies and local government, in order to push the tourism development of the city a spearhead economy, on the February 21st, 2011 the Viet Hai community tourism project was launched.

The Viet Hai Community Tourism Project is managed by the Hai Phong Border Security force. According to the plan, the commune will be invested in tourism infrastructure including accommodations, farms and production of local specialties.

Tour advices to visit Viet Hai village: you can book a boat from Catba to Viet Hai harbour, then go by motobike, bicycle, trekking to Viet Hai village passing a forest road 6 km to the village. In the village, you can visit old houses, take pictures of forest trees or see people, buffalows working on the green fields.

On the way: When you travel from Catba town or Monkey Island Resort to Viet Hai harbour, you will have time to enjoy the beauty of Lan Ha bay with hundreds of islets, sandy beaches, floating houses…. When you ride from Viet Hai harbour to the village, you can stop on the way to take pictures of green lake or the beautiful trees on the water. There is a road on the left where you will go throught a cave. It is fantastic road to come to Viet Hai village.


Soi Sim Beach

Comparing with other attractions in Halong Bay, Soi Sim beach is considered as a newer destination with the area of 8.7 hectare, surrounded by the sea then there are endemic plants. It is difficult to believe that this small island has been existed about hundred of million years ago. Spending time to visit Soi Sim beach, tourists will have chance to discover a primitive forest with varieties of flora and fauna, and plants endemic to Halong Bay Ecology.


Swimming is the most favourite acitivity at Soi Sim beach beacause of its green color of plants, wild scene, quiet atmosphere, clean and clear-cut emerald water, tourists will even witness school of fish underneath . Moreover, you can also enjoy Halong Bay panorama from the highest peak of this island. This is the wonderful place for photo walk and others activities.


Sung Sot Cave (Surprising cave)

Situated in the center of the World Heritage- Ha Long bay, Sung Sot cave is on Bo Hon Island,surrounded by Ti Top beach- Bo Nau- Me Cungand Luon cave. It was named “Grotte des surprises” by French.




The cave is regarded as one of the most spectacular and beautiful caves in Ha Long with many stone islands with special shapes. The way to Sung Sot cave is under the forest canopy with high stone steps. Tourists will enjoy the feeling of climbing and see various formations clearly thanks to beautiful lighting.


Sung Sot cave contains 3 main chambers covering an area of over 10,000 sq.m. The mouth of Sung Sot is about 25 meters above the sea level. He cave is partitioned into two chambers; the first being similar to a wide theatre hall, with many stalactites hanging from the high ceiling with 30 meters. A narrow passage leads to the second chamber, where a flow of natural light bathes the surfaces. The light is filtering in from above, through a large opening creating a natural skylight, this opening also serves as the exit from Sung Sot Cave. The chamber is so immense it could contain thousands of people at one time.

If tourists go deeper inside the cave, they can discover more and more interesting things. The most attractive thing is that there are numerous stalactites with bizarre shapes on the ceiling of the cave. In addition, at the deepest point of this chamber a “royal garden” appears with a clear pond and a fascinating landscape of small mountains. Many birds and plants (benjamin figs, cycads and centenary banyan trees) can be seen here. Sung Sot Cave is typical for karst caves on Halong Bay and has high scientific value in the field of geology.


Hoa Cuong Village

Referring to things to see in Halong Bay, we shouldn’t miss out Hoa Cuong village. “Hoa Cuong” fishing village will become a fishing village with seafood market. This will be the place to introduce aquaculture techniques, material supply of aquaculture and catering services. Choose the best Halong Bay cruise to visit Hoa Cuong fishing village to know more about locals’ life here.



Ga Choi Island

Read what to see in Halong Bay ranked by travellers and get best experiences, tourists will find a paradise of sites and entertainment. Withstanding natural elements for hundreds of million years, Halong Bay’s karst islands are either immovably imposing or bear various interesting shapes that locals or anyone who lays eyes on them can not resist gifting them a personality, a name or a legend. One of them is Ga Choi Island (Fighting Cock Island), which is no doubt one of the most unique and popular features that has appeared on guidebooks and magazines as symbol of Halong Bay and Vietnam Tourism.



An amusing shape

Located near Dinh Huong island in the southwest of the Halong Bay about 5 km from Bai Chay wharf, Ga Choi Island is a pair of limestone islets shaped like two chickens with heavy bodies and tiny legs on a facing position. On the way to Bo Hon Island and Sung Sot Cave or at the beginning of the cruise, visitors will see them right away, seemingly tottering on the surface of the deep emerald water.


That invite endless imagination

Despite the height of 10 metres, from most angles, the island looks more like a female and a male about to kiss than two cock is fighting. Maybe it is the stunning natural symmetry of these two contrasting islets, one masculine and one feminine on a romantic background that results on such impression; as well as the other name of the island as Trong Mai Island (Cock and Hen Island).


Cho Da islet

Visiting Halong bay on cruise with a Halong bay cruise tour will not be completed if tourists do not explore Cho Da Islet (Stone Dog Islet) among 1969 islands in the amazing Ha Long Bay.


Cho Da Islet in Halong Bay’s Islands. Halong Bay cruise aboard Thien Cung – Dau Go island – Ti Top islet, after leaving Thien Cung, Dau Go, take your boat about 10 phut.To go around the rocks, looking up slope at about 8 m, you will find that dominate a dog sitting backs to the sea. dog Rock symbol as a guard for the visitors voyage of peace always. And this symbol on the tourists have gone for millions of years Dog Rock about 8m high, like a guard dog stone giant. Dogs stone is a very familiar image of Vietnam. In all the temples of worship and folk on either side of the gate before the old houses have double the wait, the good news when a visitor and to prevent gatekeepers wicked and evil air infiltration.

Three Peach Beach


Understand three peaches is one of the most beautiful beach in Halong bay, consists of three small mountains with the height of 23m, seen from afar, resemble three peaches. It is 22 km from south north of Bãi Cháy Tourist Wharf to the Southeast. This three islands have a natural and charming beauty. The beach has the shape of a bow embracing the islet. However, due to the tide rises and engulfs the beach, tourists should swim at the beach in about 2 – 3 hours a day.



The island connects to a legend of a love between the youngest daughter of the God who was fall in love with a poor fisherman. One day, she stole three peaches from Heaven for him in order to help him to have an eternal life if he ate these peaches. Then, they can together forever. The God discovered the robbery and turned the peaches into three stone islands and forced the young fairy had to return.



Nowadays, Three Peaches belong to Lan Ha bay, it’s still a pristine area and still not many people visiting. You can go swimming, kayaking or sunbathing on the nice beach or have free style to relax on beaches. Choosing Sun Legend Cruise, we will suggest you what to see in Halong Bay to make your trip special and unforgettable.



It will not be a perfect trip in Halong without a junk boat cruise around Halong Bay. Visit Halong Bay, there are many cruises for you to choose and Sun Legend Cruise is an out-standing choice.

Sun Legend Cruise, each of 22 cabins, will provide a 4-stars experience. Besides ensuring the high quality of service, they always set security standards as a top priority. The fleet’s vessels will operate the latest electronic devices to operate safe cruises in all sea and weather conditions. Local and international crews are all trained to implement clear safety processes. Enjoy this tour, there are many interesting things keep you busy in this UNESCO World Heritage site.


Learn Tai – chi on deck in the morning

There are many ways to start a new day but learning Tai-chi on deck is definitely a great experience. Tai-chi is a tranquil and graceful way of keeping fit, to promote the health of mind by preventing the stresses and strains of modern living. Joining Tai Chi class on the sundeck in the early morning of the 2nd and/or 3rd day of the Pelican cruise, you will feel fully the pure atmosphere among nature, have panorama view of limestone islets rising from emerald waters and take new sunshine in your hands. Pelican cruise’s Tai-chi master will guide you how to control your mind, your body and keep breathing continuously in the fresh air.



Go kayaking

Halong Sun Legend cruises offer kayaking to make your Halong trip more interesting. Halong Bay water is still quite warm during winter, so just feel free to kayaking anytime of the year. Try to keep balance and move across water, tourists have opportunities to discover hidden mysterious cave. It’s a great experiences when admiring closely thousands islands and isles, calm tides, clean, and emerald green water. You can ask the tour-guide, who standing on the bank, to take the photo of you instead of do it yourself while you are going kayaking.



Squid fishing at night

Don’t worry about nothing to do on board at night; Halong Pelican Cruises offers you an interesting activity to feel like being a truly fisherman. Tourists are provided a fishing rod and racquets. Keep yourself patient, you can step by step entice and pick up some fresh squids. Although the success in this job may be depends on luckiness, Pelican team will provide you some tips to fish productively such as: select a location where a strong light shines into the water, use quality jigs and keep them moving at all times. Especially if you want, Pelican cook will use those squids to serve for your meals.



Enjoy cooking class

Have you ever cooked in the junk boat’s kitchen? Enjoy Pelican cruise and you will learn how to prepare traditional Vietnamese dishes while the boat is floating slowly on sea. Normally, the chef will guide you to cook spring rolls and decorate the food. And then, every tourists love the final section the most- tasting their hand-made spring rolls. You love spring rolls and want to cook it after coming back at home, don’t worry because the chef will give you receipts.



Visit Cua Van floating village

Following the itinerary of Pelican cruise, you will visit Cua Van Village. There are about 150 households and people here mainly earn money by fishing. The fishing families in Cua Van village live on small floating houses. Although the living standard of people in this village is quite low, they still try to preserve the traditional culture and ancient temple or museum also. Therefore Cua Van is ranked as one of the most ancient beautiful in the world, contributes to become a must-see attraction whenever tourists visit Halong. The children here will make you surprised because even a 6 year-old child can swim and row the boat.


It is ensured that those Halong Bay activities will definitely bring you numerous amazing memories in Vietnam.